Unusual concerts in alternatives spaces – Meet Nerval

It is always more special to find music out of the box. It’s not a party anymore, It’s the next lab to explore, a small place to enjoy the sounds, just with a few music lovers, where the connection between the artist and the audience is a common interest.

romanticism museum

This movement is happening now around Europe. La Blogotheque, The Ballard Sessions, Black Cap Sessions and very soon Tune Munch Sessions, are examples of what we are looking for in this times where everything is already invented.

A few weeks ago, Madrid’s Romantic Museum just organised a concert with Nerval’s band.

NervalNerval make the perfect mix of classic and underground music. On this ocassion, they even brought an elegant string quartet who perfectly matched the aura of the venue and strengthened their album “El hombre”. They are the kind of band which you will enjoy the most if you hear them live as their lyrics and musical atmosphere are not just to hear, they are a “travel” as they well said during their performance.

It takes two to tango as it took two to cover piano, guitar, ukulele, clarinets and electronics.

They nicely surprised us with two new songs with which they take a step further with beats and step out of the box.

We hope to see and hear more of Nerval soon.


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