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Sónar 2018 program is now completed

The extraordinary club experience that is DESPACIO will be the core of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary at Sónar by Day, with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and brothers David and Stephen Dewaele (2manydjs/Soulwax) behind the decks. Together they will bring their high fidelity sound -with a spectacular ...

Nos aftermovie

NOS Alive ’17 Aftermovie. Look what you missed!

A week to remember, and this is


Our ‘MUST SEE’ bands in FIB 2017

As every year happens, all the festivals are plenty of big names which seduces our attetion instead of the little ones. But in Tune Munch we truly believe there are other -and even better- options despite the atractive of seeing a classic band with a bunch of friends in summer. Anyways, we introduce you some of our ...


More bands added – FIB 2017

FIB 2017 is still surprising us with proposals announced at the last minute. The Spanish festival has just confirmed 10 new names for its eclectic line-up, among which we find some well-known as Dinosaur Jr, 2Manydjs and The View, for example, and others emerging artists such as Viva Suecia or Desperate ...


Download M

The spanish edition of the british festival just set up the final line-up. If you are willing about a great weekend in the spanish capital you should be there just for having the opportunity of seeing some of the greatest bands in a very -and heavy- eclectic festival. There will be also lots of bands who ussually can't made ...


These spanish bands will hit Download Festival

Eighteen Spanish bands just were announced by Download Festival Madrid. Some of the greatest names along the Spanish heavy music will perform between 22 and 24th June in the first Spanish edition of this classic festival.     Bands like Cobra, Jardín de la Croix, Somas Cure, We Ride and Trono de Sangre ...


Hey music lovers – Madrid

Once again the Cruz Bajo art gallery will open its doors to the city music lovers and this time for a charitable cause. It will showcase four up and coming bands as well as exhibit the paintings by architect Juan Eizaguirre, all the proceeds will go to Oxfam Intermon. The bands: Mechanismo is an indie-rock group ...