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Tune Munch is a London-based online music magazine made for people with respectable ears, a hunger for new bands and thirst for fresh tunes. We dedicate ourselves to telling a band’s story from the very beginning.

Live music makes our hearts go boom. The Tune Munch sessions were brought to life to enjoy good music together. The gigs are held in a living room or another unusual space, where you’ll discover new bands we’ve brought together for you.

How can you attend?

Tickets are limited and available HERE. If you can’t make it, please drop us a line via hello@tunemunch.com.

Who will play at the Tune Munch Sessions?

That’ll be a surprise. You’ll have to trust that we curate the very best line-up for you in your city.

Where does it take place? 

We reveal the city and the neighbourhood beforehand. For every session an amazing person will have volunteered to have the Tune Munch Sessions at their home or venue, there’s a limited number of people who will fit. For this reason, the exact address will only be revealed on your free ticket, which you can get HERE.

How much it cost?

This session will be dedicated to crowdfund a project for NICA NGO. The event is free, but we will request a donation of 10 euros to support a food project which is the amount needed to cover a kid’s food expenses.

Can I bring friends?

Via the ticketing service, you can add a +1. If you want to bring more friends they will have to get their own free ticket HERE as well. If you cannot make it to the Tune Munch Sessions, please let us know via hello@tunemunch.com

Can I volunteer to help?

We’re always looking for new volunteers in your city. Get in touch via hello@tunemunch.com and tell us how you’d like to contribute.

Can I play at Tune Munch Sessions?

We’d love to hear some of your tunes! Send us an email with “Tune Munch Sessions Band Suggestion” in the Subject Line and we’ll get back to you asap.

Any other questions?

We’re here buddy, email us on hello@tunemunch.com or use the Contact Form.

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