About Us

Tune Munch – Tunes For Hungry Ears


We are a London-based music magazine made for Music Junkies with respectable ears, who have a hunger for new bands and fresh tunes. That you’re the first one who knew about that song – that’s what we want. From an ocean of new music, consider us your treasure hunters.

Tune Munch is that dude who enjoys a private living room gig sitting on a carpet; a youtube battle with his friends; and in the summer, he’s the one who knows those bands no one ever heard of. Music is his buddy and constant companion in whichever situation in his life. He’s a cool guy but never pretentious, always nice to others, and very particular about his taste.

Tl;dr Friggin’ awesome curation of electronic, indie, folk, and rock tunes.

If you are obsessed with music, video, shows, festivals or you are a designer, photographer, writer, dj, or just a munchie, we are always looking for new people to get on board.

Contact us – hello@tunemunch.com