Noah Gundersen – Moby Dick Bar, Madrid

Appearing for the first time in continental Europe, Noah Gundersen stopped by in Barcelona and in Madrid accompanied by his guitar and his lyrics in what was a truly memorable occasion.

Like in his lyrics, Noah Gundersen took some risks presenting himself solo, perfectly willing to bear the
consequences. And he rose up victorious after the confessional, acoustic collection of intimacies he brought along were poured over an enchanted audience.

Noah Gundersen delivered a thrilling performance with which he was able to hold the room silent. Fine tuned acoustics and, above all, his outstanding vocal capacities to color his powerful lyrics gave rise to a very special reunion.

Songs like First Defeat, Boathouse or Ledges emerged with the strength of all that’s scarce and true to the bone, while a couple of songs from Noah’s latest album gave the impression of coming from the same place, in a continuity in his craft.

The crowd was warmed by the funny freshness of Joan Queralt, who opened for the Seattle born singer-songwriter, establishing a welcoming mood and engaging the audience in his performance.

As Gundersen himself told us after the concert, his first experience on Spanish soil was his disturbing meet with a taxi driver who, despite the language barrier, wouldn’t stop talking to him as if he could understand each word. Well, maybe that first time wasn’t representative, for his gig in Madrid ended up establishing an exquisitely delicate connection between a man’s recollections of the world and everyone who listened respectfully, understanding it all.

He promised to come back, and that’s all we need. A nice surprise for many, a solid confirmation for others, utter success for all in a beautiful Sunday evening.



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