Meet Al Bairre

If half of the band is formed by twins, it’s meant to be a cool music band. But also the tribalism that walks with the rhythm of the songs, gives meaning to this “happy music” made by Al Bairre (pronounced “Al Bear”).

All Bairre Band

Al Bairre Band

As they say:  we are an aggressively unfancy band from the mother city, South Africa. We have nice hair and like ugly things.

Bungalow from ANDOVER on Vimeo.



If you like them, don’t miss The Al Bairre Show, every now and then in YouTube.

Buy on ITunes: http://apple.co/1RC2jod
Listen on Apple Music: http://apple.co/1ICdI5x
Online store: http://bit.ly/1NI3b9s
Grab at your nearest vida e cafféhttp://on.fb.me/1NTo8Qz

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