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We had the chance to hang out with José González at Primavera Sound festival and we summarised some of the things we spoke with him about. From his views, to his future plans. A pretty interesting encounter with one of the most anticipated acts this year.


Tune Munch: How do you feel about this year’s edition? Did you have the opportunity to see any gigs?

José González: Pretty good up until now. I’ve seen Ariel Pink, Run The Jewels and before that we were wandering around so we haven’t seen much yet.

TM: Oh! So it’s your first day at PS?

JG: Yeah, first… and last day. We just arrived from London and we’re leaving for Paris tomorrow because there’s a festival we’re playing at the day after over there.

TM: And what about your live schedule? Are you currently doing many gigs? Seems like you never stop touring!

JG: It’s been 12 years now since I started touring, with some breaks now and then. Just before these series of concerts I enjoyed some nice time off back home in Gothenburg.

TM: Where do you find inspiration?

JG: I feel very inspired by art, music, but also by science. Things that connect with fundamental questions: Where do we come from? What about our existence in the world? Such things. Also, I watch one TED talk a day, at least!

A man of many talents, José González is also part of Junip, a Swedish folk rock band in which his vocals and guitars team up with Tobias Winterkorn’s organ and synthesizer to create their hypnotic and luring sound.

TM: Is Junip still alive and well in your mind? Any plans regarding the band? Is there anything you want to share with Tune Munch?

JG: Right now I’m working on my own record, but I think the next one will be with Junip. We have another record coming out with City Slang Records and we will be playing with orchestras such as yMusic from New York and The Goteborg String Theory.

After giving us some scoops, José’s friends came to drag him to the next gig at Primavera Sound, the night was still young in Barcelona and he finally had the chance to enjoy some music of other amazing artists that were lined up that night.

Thanks José, you made our night!

To read about José’s performance that same night, check out Nuria’s Gig Review HERE.

Here is José González’ new single, “Open Book”.

(But of course we don’t blame you if you want to give this classic “Crosses” another listen HERE)

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