Young Fathers – FIB 2016 review

Sunday, last day of FIB. Maybe being about to see Youg Fathers was the reason why we weren’t in a strange mood. We felt as it was Thursday, and it seemmed like that. There was a very kind atmosphere in the audience waiting for this band, but when they came out, it felt like a heavy and distorted storm. And we’ll try to show you why.


Ally Massaquoi’s soulful vocals softened their taut intensity, though his bandmates Kayus Bankole and Graham “G” Hastings were no slouches when it came to putting across a lyric or emotion. Their touring member Steven Morrison drove the performance with his cathartic drumming and looked like it had been through the wars.

Tracks from their new album White Men Are Black Men Too, such as the plaintive Dare Me and propulsive pop of Shame, built up the natural dynamism of their existing set, where the irresistible Get Up threw the audience into frenzied convulsions and the anthemic Low has become a bona fide shoutalong. They concluded dramatic proceedings with the stark electro breakdown of I Heard before abruptly exiting. Their work here was done, but only in that stage. A couple hours later were performing with Massive Attack, giving them their huge sonority and dynamism. 10/10.


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