Our ‘MUST SEE’ bands in FIB 2017

As every year happens, all the festivals are plenty of big names which seduces our attetion instead of the little ones. But in Tune Munch we truly believe there are other -and even better– options despite the atractive of seeing a classic band with a bunch of friends in summer.

Anyways, we introduce you some of our favourite names for this summer in Benicàssim. We will be seeing them live for sure!



One of our favourite spanish bands. These three folks really know how to hit you with their melodies and shocking rhythms.



Javier Bilbao, known as ‘El Rey del Jugo‘ (the King of Juice), is one of that eclectic artists we usually fall in love with. He started doing rap few years ago under the name of Intinitum and he also began with a shoegaze project. Nowadays is one of the best examples in Spain of how you can go ahead by your own while you keep achieving goals step by step. Good vibes and big smiles are guaranteed!



Garage-surf guitars and 80s vibes, so definitely! Also they don’t usually come to Spain, so that’s a big reason for catching up with them.



Another spanish band you should definitely see this summer, specially if you like big riffs and to get lost in atmospheric sounds. Give them a listen!



This young spanish band will hypnotize you as the drums come in. The nerve and attitude is something to consider everytime you see a new band, so be sure you’ll find in them.



Feel dirty, dance, be nasty. But, before all of this, have class. This guys knows how to do it and it seems we’ll have a very very good time with them.



We love her music, and also we love her. This synth pop penetrates you without paying so much attention to the music, and that’s a real good thing. Her music is perfect for summer!



This spanish band is a perfect example of how every band’s member should fix with each other. Classic elements, sweet melodies and good vibes. Check them out.



Fun, upbeat, and deep lyrically, HONNE makes a statement with their debut album. They’ll literally melt you.



Time to close up this post ending with some of electronic music as we’ll do everynight. This dj and composer really knows how to make people dance with a set full of miscellaneous influences. See you on the dance floor!

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