Meet Heavy Hearts: big riffs and nineties vibes

Magic happens when you are diving through the internet and, suddenly, you find THAT TUNE. Do you know what I mean? And that happened to me last year having the first listen of Heavy Hearts, a young band from Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.


In 2015 Heavy Hearts released their second EP, Somewhere, A While Ago, which contained four great songs with late nineties emo vibes. The last one of them, Wash, could be considered as an anticipation of what was about to come a year later, their first LP.

Bliss is purely an alternative rock record full of heavy tunes, outright riffs and that nostalgic but sassy feeling in the vocal’s melodies. And it really feels like an album since the very first moment, maybe because the coherence in the tracklist or just because that great opening with two connected songs, which give us an idea of what is about to happen and also baptizes the album.

Give them a listen, you’ll repeat.


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