zephyr bones

An interview with The Zephyr Bones

Pay attention to these two dreamers because they tend to get what they wish for. You will probably find their faces at SXSW next year. They are The Zephyr Bones, a wave psychedelic pop band based in Barcelona. The guys debuted in 2014 with a self released EP “Wishes / Fishes”, a dreamy, all enveloping record that ...


An interview with Childhood

At Primavera Sound we were lucky enough to bump into Childhood right after their performance. Our chat turned out to be filled with LOLZ. ...

jose gonzalez

An interview with José González

  We had the chance to hang out with José González at Primavera Sound festival and we summarised some of the things we spoke with him about. From his views, to his future plans. A pretty interesting encounter with one of the most anticipated acts this year. ...

lail arad

An interview with Lail Arad

Four years ago, Lail Arad released the critically acclaimed debut album “Someone new”. After a few years of touring, she wrote and recorded her new album “The Onion” in Geneva and New York, set to drop in later this year. ...

Summer Heart

An interview with Summer Heart

David Alexander from Sweden is Summer Heart. We can't think of any better music to listen to while on a beach sipping on a cocktail (greetings from cold and rainy London). We had the pleasure to have a chat with him after his gig in Dalston last night. ...


An interview with Cairobi

We already wrote about Cairobi recently, but tonight in Camden we got to hear them at first hand. Because we didn't know much about them yet, we thought a chat would be appropriate. ...