An interview with Sexy Bicycle

We had the opportunity to meet Nika Elia, a Georgian guy based in Barcelona. When speaking with him you can tell he is very down on earth and humble, pretty tall (lol) and talented.


Picture by Júlia Ferrer

Nika Ella is the artist behind Sexy Bicycle

TM: Tell us about how you start, because we thought you were a two piece. Who is Sexy Bicycle?

Sexy Bicycle is just me at the moment, but there have been some people around. When Sexy Bicycle started to grow and get popular we were two, but the guy who were with me went to Venezuela and I was alone. After that, I had another band called Bartleby that it was dissolved as well and now I went back to Sexy Bicycle.

TM: What have you done with SB recently?

You can find my old EP AHÁ online that I completely did myself. Recently, I’ve signed with the label Fanatic, after sending my songs to many different ones. They gave my the opportunity and I am just about to launch my new album Bit Kong that has is a mix between the songs from AHÁ and the new ones.

TM: Is Fanatic not specialised in dance music?

It is, but they took me on board as I offer something different. They are starting to focus more on indie music.

TM: Do you think your music is influenced by the record label you are working with?

Not at all, they allowed me to choose what I wanted to do with the album and I did what I know.

TM: When we look you up on Spotify, which bands that show up as “Related Artists” would you like to see?

I don’t really know what to say but some magazines have said that I sound like The National or Interpol and the truth is that I’ve never listened to any of these bands. When I did AHÁ I used to listened Joy Division a lot, as well as MGMT so we can say the album has two parts, one that is more like post-punk and the other which is more pop.

TM: What has been your favourite gig at the moment?

We did a private session in a house, with many people and friends and with a very acoustic sound. It was a really nice and charming moment.

TM: Where is your dream gig and what would the perfect set up be?

I think Primavera Sound would be the best option and being 3 people including me is perfect. A drummer, a bassist and me.

TM: Who would you want the opening act to be?

Interpol, lol. I am just kidding, let’s see what happens.

TM: As we know you are from Georgia, have you ever played there?

I played 3 years ago at a festival that takes place at the coast of the Black Sea. It was a small/medium sized stage and I was 18 years old playing with a drummer that I met 3 days before. It was fun.

TM: What do you think about the artistic scene in Barcelona, the city where you live?

I came 14 years ago and from what I’ve seen it’s not good. To me it’s a very exclusive world, very difficult to get into. They are all friends and it’s hard if you don’t know anyone, even if you are very good they won’t accept you. I know the world often works this way, but especially here it’s much harder. This is why I’m thinking of going to London.

TM: To finish, there is anything left you would like people to know about you?

I would like people to listen Mesmerasing Gun, it is very catchy.

iTunes Store http://apple.co/1L9PwY4
Google Play http://bit.ly/1IX67Of

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