An interview with AKIINE

From the first time we listened to the Swedish AKIINE we were hooked. Pronounced “Ah keen eh” (with the last bit is like how you pronounce the first e in Eminem as she says), this London-based lady takes dream-pop to another level. Akiine recently released her ‘Neptune EP’ through Brooklyn label Color Station after having released her successful album “Horses on a beach” back in 2014.


Tune Munch: So you played piano as a kid isn’t it? Do you still play? For the music you release now, do you play any instruments in the studio?

AKIINE: Yes I did, I still play but not as much as I’d like to since I moved to London. I’m getting better at it as I’m trying to make it a routine like brushing my teeth. I used to play more instruments but most of the music now is mainly digital with the occasional guitar that is usually Valerio or Stuart playing.

TM: Valerio Cerini is your producer, how do you guys come to a song together?

A: I write and compose a song and then when I feel like it’s ready I send it off to him and we work on the final touches.

TM: When did you start getting to a point where you felt you developed your own unique sound?

A: I feel like it’s still being developed. There is always the dream in your head and you are trying to recreate that magic but I feel like as you grow and get deeper into the core so much more magic is being revealed. I feel like there is so much I want to explore but I guess the new songs are setting a good foundation for a sound I want to delve deeper into at the moment. Also I think mine and Valerios creative relationship has grown a lot and I feel comfortable working with him. I think for me when I feel comfortable, communication is easy and there’s room to be myself and express myself and it’s easier creating music once you’ve worked on creating good communication. Haha I don’t know if it makes sense, what I’m trying to say is that if all the different paths of creativity are open and you have less barriers its easier to create a bigger dimension.

TM: Who would like to see in the “related artist” section of Spotify?

Duvchi cause his music is magical! Also the band Ménage à Trois and Way Yes. Maybe Starslinger. It would be cool to have someone like Krishna Das on there too maybe next to Frank Ocean hehe I feel like there are so many more artists I’d like to mention but my brain has gone twiney.

TM: Who used to be your music heroes and who’s on repeat now?

A: I don’t know if I’ve had any music heroes. I guess Britney was my first big proper idol that I followed since day one and made me really want to perform haha  On repeat now.. to be honest this last year I haven’t been discovering a lot of new music. Over a year ago I would have been able to give you a list but this last year has probably been the first quiet year in my life which is quite sad. I’m getting back on it though. But a great tune always is Delicate Steve’s Wally Wilder it’s such a happy vibes song!

TM: What’s the favourite gig you gave so far, where was it and what’s the venue/ event you dream of playing one day?

A: I’d like t play at The Troxy! Or in an old cinema! Or in an old mansion with secret passages and cosy velvety rooms. My favourite gig so far.. hmm there are a few. But the one I did at The Waiting Room is definitely one! I had so much fun and it was such a vibe! Everyone was so happy!

TM: You live in London now don’t you? What is it you love most about London?

I like that it’s a big city and alive but at the same time you can walk on quiet streets and you can go to the park to relax. So I can go out and dance and I can feel like there’s excitement but I can also go take a walk and feel like I’m at home.

TM:You made a song about Brixton, what’s the story?

A: Hehe that’s mystery for you to interpret

TM: What are important things that are coming up for you as an artist? (Gigs, releases, festivals, collabs, etc promote away)

A: Gig on the 16th of February! At Birthdays in Dalston. Most exciting things are still in the making. My life at the moment is very “in the making”.

We can’t wait to hear more from Akiine. Make sure you catch her at her gig at Birthdays HERE. Also, this is one of our favourite songs of the previous album just to give your ears another treat:


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