FIB 2016: keep an eye on these peeps!

Our writers pick some of the standouts of this year’s festival. Let us know what you’re most looking forward to.

Earlier this year, the 1975 released a second album that was sonically ambitious, lyrically personal and showed a band stretching far beyond their debut, trying to make something that sounded like An Important Album. And still a bunch of people write them off as a silly boy band who’ve chanced their way to success. On Saturday evening, without their own crowd lending fervent support, they have the chance to win over the doubters.


Benicàssim is as synonymous with moshing as it is with gel-sanitised fingers. This year, however, with the addition of the Canadian songwriter Mac DeMarco and his cult-like fan base. A heaving mass of hipsters forming a circle pit along to DeMarco’s Beatlesesque love songs about girls, pals and cigarettes is an oddly affecting sight. His presence this year is likely to cause a ripple of rebellious disruption.


In the past couple of years, Hinds have grown from being curio at the outer edges of the spanish music scene into one of the most captivating worldwide bands right now. Their songs are both timeless and timely, reflections on our time that could have been recorded in 1977. Expect them to respond when they play in front of the biggest crowd of the festival.


See the full lineup below and get your ticket on the website like NOW:


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